Do You Have Rats?

If you see a rat, do not wait to call for pest control. Not only are these huge pests a scary site to see, they are also infested with disease. They bite, and can certainly cause discomfort and mental anguish. If a rat is spotted at your place of business, it can certainly diminish your worthiness in the community. It is imperative to phone a rat exterminator Staten Island at the first sign of rat presence.

Signs of Rats

The most obvious sign that you have rats is sighting the rodent itself. But, there’s other signs that indicate trouble with rats. What are some of the signs that you might have a problem with rats at your facility?

·    Droppings: Rats leave brown droppings spanning up to 14mm long. It resembles a grain of rice. This is an obvious sign of rats.

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·    Footprints: Just like humans, rats leave footprints behind, particularly in dusty areas of a home or building.

·    Scratching Noises: Black rats, also known as roof rats, make their entrance through your upper floor or roof. Scratching noises is indication of rat presence.

·    Nests: Rat nests are found in hidden places. The nests consist of various materials the rats have shredded. These materials include newspaper and fabric. The nests are oftentimes placed near a food source.

Make the Call

Rats can be difficult to remove from a building, especially after an infestation has occurred and many rats are in the building. It is imperative to pick up the phone and call a rat exterminator at the first sign of trouble if you want to put the problem behind you quickly. The sooner treatment is initiated, the sooner the problem with rats can be put behind you. Costs of rat extermination vary, but it’s certainly minimal compared to the risks of living with rats.